Computer geek, Development enthusiast, Gaming aficionado

Computers, in general, have been the subject of my interest for as long as I can remember. I'm passionate about software development, whether open source or otherwise. The idea of creating something that people can use to make their lives better, deeply moves me. Gaming, though a little unrelated, is a field that has caught my eye the most. I'm really intrigued about how realistic environments are created. When I'm not learning a programming language or doing coursework, I'm playing video games or updating myself with the newest innovations in the gaming industry. Sometimes I play the guitar or compose electronic music if I'm feeling creative enough. Photography and video editing are some other hobbies worth mentioning.

I sometimes write too! Read my blogs here on Blogger, a website that I made myself.

Check out my GitHub page for more details on the projects showcased here.



Apeejay School Mumbai

Secondary School

Class of 2016

Completed secondary school.

Higher Secondary

Class of 2018

Completed higher secondary school with science stream.

PACE College Mumbai
IIT Kharagpur

CSE Dual (Undergraduate)

Class of 2023

Currently pursuing a Dual Degree (Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology) in Computer Science and Engineering